Processing – 50 Shades of STFU

I went to a Femdom event held by ProDomme Miss Viola. This was the second Domme I had contacted on my initial quest to Pro. In person she is actually quite lovely and I loved the way she is adoring to her subs and not just sadistic. I can see why she put me off a bit when I contacted her initially.

She is one busy woman and she takes her craft very serious and she gets approached a lot about mentorship and I think as she told me last night most woman are not serious or niche enough to make money at it. She assured me I was though…. which made me feel good.

I still do want to learn and of course why wouldn’t I want to learn from a Pro. It’s like playing tennis. Maybe you aren’t going to be going to Wimbledon but wouldn’t you want to learn from someone that has been there? Lol

Back to the event—

I got there early. There weren’t that many people yet and there were a lot of subs in servitude which was very nice. I grabbed a drink and mingled. I had a lot of fun. Met some great people and enjoyed the show part very, very much. Some highlights.

I met up with a fabulous Domme I adore and I had previously met at the Domme tea. She always seems to have a pet sub with her which I oddly find both endearing and off-putting. None the less she makes me laugh with her intensely witty and fun banter and I enjoy her company very much, not to mention her beauty and strength.

Then I met Miss Ne-ne who is a fabulous gay trans man. She performed this dance with acrobatics and fucking rocked it. I can’t wait to see her again Tuesday at the “Shit Show” drag show. I’ll be going vanilla to that though whereas last night I was very much in my Domme persona: wig, 6″ platform vinyl stomp boots, fake lashes and tits bubbling out from my corset. Lol. Fun fun!!

Quite oddly the only man I have ever played with* at any of these events was also there with his Domme. He looked miserable. He was a shell of the boy I made out with. He seemed to express all I hate about D/m. You can’t break someone and leave them there, but you can’t raise someone when you yourself are not raised. I can’t say what their situation was. All I know is that his spirit seemed very down and…. to me at least, D/m should be about elevating your life or you’re essentially doing it wrong. Unless you like misery of course; which I guess some do.

I realized something very interesting about myself. I can rev for any gender/sex/type. I was enchanted by an older lesbian beauty, by a brilliant Domme, a lovely sub girl, a sweet sub boi and even a Dom man. They all titillating me. They all sparked something in me….. but I was not enthralled enough to want to play.

Although I was at one point a tiny bit enchanted with an ebony beauty that was gyrating to my favorite songs and was almost tempted to ask him for a lap dance but I hesitated because as he did that a gorgeous Domme that seemed more a switch to me was also throwing her hair around gyrating and I could not decide which I liked more. Lol

There was also this older couple there that I was absolutely mesmerized by. She was butch dike looking and he wore heels and a Speedo. He pleasured her with a handheld and she directed him quite nicely. They seemed in and out of their element. In it, in that you could sense they both had been at this a while and out because they were surrounded by teeny-boppers. Lol.

Even I was a tiny bit put-off by the young age range** of the crowd so I can imagine how they felt. I had wanted to talk to them but I was busy stalking Miss Viola who was fluttering about in and out of scenes and I had not been able to introduce myself to her as of yet.

Then lastly there was Miss Kitty. A straight Dom trans. He rocked it in his vinyl mini dress with red lace panties and boots that could stomp my boots to the ground, black wings, cute blond bob wig with a hot leather hat. She looked like a power stick and I was so driven to meet her. She was delightful. Dom and yet allowed me my space to be Domme. Like two powerhouses side by side. She towered at least a foot above me and could have picked me up like a twig. Yet carried herself with this soft happiness that just screamed “let’s have fun, let’s be friends” and I loved it.

She told me she morphed into who she was because that is what she wanted in a women and when she didn’t find it she became it. Makes perfect sense. This is why trans can be more women then women… because they own it. They take it and run with it and command it and I eat it up. I love it. Don’t ask me why but it is just sooo fucking hot to me.

Soooo I have come to understand that I enjoy being Domme very, very much but I don’t have a “type”. I like it all! Should I try it all? Maybe. Maybe not. Because while it all revs me up I will know when I hit the right target. When the right person comes they will rev me into the red zone. That does not come along too often. That may not be easy to find. But… I’ve got nowhere to be but where I am. I am happy to wait for the real thing. However and whenever that presents.


*no sex – not that it’s any of anyone’s business 😉

**I love the energy and enthusiasm the young crowd brings. I like the way they own it and even do it better. I can admit hey have an edge….but they don’t seem to hold a lot of respect for the ones that came before. They don’t seem to hold a place for the ones that carved the space so that they in turn could be the force they are. I don’t think they see that clearly and they (not all luckily) seem to eschew the older crowd and I really don’t think that is nice or fair. I think all age groups could learn from each other. I would like to see more camaraderie and more reverence…: but reverence seems out of style. Lol

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

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