Easy Analogy for Life

Foreword: I just want to clarify that everything I say I try my best to live. That is also part of why I write it down… to clarify it and validate it to myself. I am not telling anyone how to live life. I’m merely saying hey… look… this is my take. Do with that what you will. If it empowers you, makes you smile, bring any bit of heart and beauty to your life than it is me who is grateful for that…. thankful I could do that for you and be a part of something positive in your life and in the world.


This is how I see it.

Have you ever seen the movie “what the bleep do we know?” If so what I am about to say is probably a little redundant but here goes.

Consider yourself a water vessel of some sort like a jug or bottle. There is a mouth on top to refill and a spout on the bottom to release. You refill by nurturing yourself or getting nourishment. Self care, love, nature, good food, clean water, positive socializing, things that support you and give you positive energy refill you. Then every single interaction you do depletes you. This is nothing to worry about. You can be refilled endlessly while living this life.

But the quality of your “water” (soul) changes with every single action, thought and input/output. Every positive action you do elevates your vibrancy. Every positive action makes every cell within you healthier. Every positive input/output charges your life with “good” energy. So obviously conversely every time you input negative or harmful ingredients, every time you allow a negative thought to permeate you, every time you perform a negative action it molecularly changes the structure of your entire vessel and all its contents harmfully.*

Let me simplify it even more. When you hold a cute, soft little puppy and feel love and adoration for it and from it that love and adoration gets felt in every nuance of your being. That love and adoration gives your cells life and makes you feel good. It raises your energy and vibration. It actually heals you. Conversely, when you yell at your neighbor and feel anger and hatred it literally starts killing the cells in your body. It is why when you are stressed or grieving you feel actual pain in your body. Essentially all your feelings and actions, everything you bring into your body but also especially everything you GIVE creates your reality.

If you give light and love you will create a positive loop for yourself and live within that light and love. It will regenerate and feed your entire body and soul. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be “genuine” or rather your initial thought to work. For example…. when my kids are frustrating me and I want to scream at them and say something I know will be hurtful if I just take a moment to breath and ask myself “what can I say here that will be positive?” “What can I do here to turn this around?” i.e. “Can I bring out any love?” It is not always necessarily easy, but it will benefit everyone; the person you are interacting with, the universe and most importantly of course yourself.

If that isn’t the best reason to “be best”** I don’t know what would be….

because while I do believe in heaven and hell that is not tangible for most people. It is too hard to understand something you’ve never seen or completely felt or that very, very, few people have experienced and why would you believe them frankly.

Nope. It’s too much to ask of people to live a life of love based on faith. I really think it is…. even as I myself believe it I recognize its implausible. But this… what i am talking about above is simply LOGICAL. And you all know know I am right. You can not give anything without transmitting those feelings within yourself first. You are after all just cells, energy and water. Simple as that. At least in this plane you are. So I’m giving you the key. Master it and you’ll live a good life.

Now don’t ask me how long it takes to master, because for me it’s still just one moment at a time. I’ll get back to you if I ever feel I’ve truly conquered it. But I suspect that in this dance between heaven and hell we are always being pushed and pulled. One day I will get out of the way of this war. One day! While alive I hope. That is what I would call nirvana***.


*In other words the more love you give the more love you bring out of the universe through your vessel (body, soul, heart, mind) to manifest into the world. In giving that energy or bringing that energy it has no choice but to affect every cell in your body.

**Referencing poor Melania again. I’m sorry. It’s a pot shot but it’s just soo hysterically funny to me.

***living A consciousness of pure love without suffering karma or the laws of this realm. Living with not a drop of fear, hatred or judgement. I have lived this for 2 full days and it was the most glorious time of my life. One day I will write about it. Although there isn’t much to write of. Funny how one of the most beautiful moments of my life was so simple and almost uneventful you’ll probably find it comical in that sense. Maybe because I didn’t really fully know what I was living until it was gone. But hey…. if anyone knows the way back here^….. please clue me in. Ever trying to stumble my way back. Lol

^and I say here not by accident because I know this reality is readily available and it is I who just don’t see it. It is I who is not opened up to it, not the converse.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

3 thoughts on “Easy Analogy for Life”

  1. You live an adventurous life Mistress.
    Life’s journey is about spiritual growth. We continually come to turning points which illuminate our path and teach us.
    Teaching us yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, some times the lessons seem to come every minute.
    Once in a great while, it even feels as if every breath is a turning point.
    I am grateful that You are willing to share the turning points of Your journey through Your writings.
    Thank You Mistress. I am glad You’re here.
    The ability to identify that a response based in love is a healthy choice, and better than any form of reactive behavior (such as yelling at someone, fear based confrontations or severing behavior) was a hard lesson to learn for me.
    The ability to actually practice that principle can be elusive. Very elusive.
    I led a lifetime of chaotic , dysfunctional and addictive behavior. It was forever centered on self absorbed and ME-ish actions.
    I was incapable of leading a healthy, productive life. An early lesson for me was learned by owning a business.
    That was where I learned the universal truth that if a business (or a person, or a life) isn’t constantly expanding and growing, it is surely experiencing a slow death.
    Even conceding that fact to my innermost self couldn’t make me change me.
    More often than not, that knowledge made me want to change behavior in others others and change outcomes, both past and future.
    I was an addict, incapable of changing.
    For me, when it came to drugs, alcohol, sex, pasta, television or (place addictive behaviors here)
    Life happens until it doesn’t happen.
    It’s a proven medical fact that 10 out of 10 people die.
    And I want to live. Without the nightmare of addiction, without doubt, hatred, resentment or negativity.
    My question became “How can I live and find true happiness?”
    My addictive behaviors were surely destructive and had me travelling on a dangerous path named Slow Death Way.
    I had to change. There was no doubt. It seemed there was no hope.
    I got clean,
    I got sober,
    and found a way to live with myself and others in this world.
    I can identify the moment I stood at that personal turning point. I turned onto a new path.
    I haven’t looked back since.
    I live life a different way today.
    It’s a life lived far from perfectly (I am only human) and close to God. That is the silver lining in my screwed up life today.
    Because my imperfections, once identified, become personal opportunities for spiritual growth.
    My relationship with God as I understand God teaches me this fact all the time:

    God is Love and Love is God.

    Thank God for God.
    And, Thank You for today’s lesson Mistress.
    You are loved.

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