Today I had someone question me about liking feminization and I had to take a moment to question this for myself.

Not so much the why because let’s just go with… why not?… it’s fun.

But the really….

and yes….really.

I can think back to middle school when I sat next to a boy who wore jewelry In history class. He had a gold bracelet and when he would twirl and play with it I would zero in on him and not be able to listen to a word the teacher said. I would get so immersed in it, so sexually aroused. I didn’t quite understand it but I knew it was real.

Then I was at a house party of my ex-husbands friends and the friend, a psychologist no less, made it a point that I see a video taken in college of my ex. On it they had just won some basketball championship and were all drunk. He was parading around on the bed with his shirt tucked into itself like a conga dancer and dancing femininely. Dumb me thought nothing of it.

The only thing that enraged me with blind fury was hearing his friends in the video laugh at him and then seeing him almost crying himself to sleep. God I was so clueless. But… I still am really. Sooo…

Then one of my ex-boyfriends last year, before I came out as a Domme, sent me photos of himself in a black bra. Unsolicited. My only reaction was that his face was covered and that bothered me and then it didn’t particularly look great on him. His skin tone, the fit, it was just a bit off, not sexy necessarily but not a turn off. I was clueless still.

He wouldn’t explain why he had taken it and I let it go. I’ve always been very liberal about things and I thought it was cute but didn’t bother to delve deeper. This was a man I had already pegged. We had what was in retrospect my first FLR.

Then cut to right before I was told who I was. The Dom who I was Domme’ing asked me to pick his attire for when I came over. I wanted him to wear the diamond studded collar he kept for women. He refused. I was a bit angered and simply didn’t understand, which he also didn’t clarify, that I was feminizing him. To me it was just how I wanted to see him. It was how I wanted to play.

So then…. the very first person I chatted with on Fetlife was a crossdressing switch. He wore some hot wigs and cute outfits and fucking rocked it. He likes women….. loves women, fucks and likes getting fucked by them, strap on in his exes hand and photo to prove it. Just mouthwatering. I was immediately hooked and realized I was right there all along and just never knew it and I realized for the first time it was ok to like it.

So when I had the chance to dress sweet sissy boy recently I was in heaven. He looked so fucking delicious. I can’t explain what it does to me or why. I just know it does. I like it. Does it really need explanation or evaluation? It isn’t hurting anyone. It’s just a fun and exciting dynamic. Could I drop it today? I suppose; but why? If anything I’m getting pulled/pushed/led/steered or just plain gravitating there even more so and by golly… I like it!!


Sometimes I don’t like analyzing things because it raises more questions than it solves.

I had always just thought that feminine men were gay. Period. And gay men are off limits…… right? So then I learned to disassociate it from my sexual desires. It isn’t necessarily easy to stop liking what you like, trust me….

but then when you’re told hey…. what you like is ok and you can not only have it, but it wants you too.

Well…. IDK. What’s there not to be happy about?

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

12 thoughts on “Feminization”

  1. I enjoy teaching, showing how to dress, do makeup, etc for that person. We are all different in size and shape and what looks on someone may not look the same on you. I get excited when they are happy with the way they look and feel after there all dolled up.

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    1. Yes. I agree. It’s hard enough for a woman to figure it out and it’s all geared and made for us. So I can imagine how hard it is for a man. Some men definitely pull it off better than others but it is so much fun. Who doesn’t like playing dress up? Isn’t that why we loved Halloween so much? That and the candy I suppose; but still. lol.

      It’s nice you provide direction and even more importantly I think acceptance. I can’t imagine the shame and discomfort some men must feel wanting to do it and not being able to…..not feeling comfortable. Scared even.

      That is what I love about Trans shows. These (wo)men are so confident in their sexuality. In their feminization.

      I don’t see the harm. Society should be less rigid. Makes zero sense to me at all, but lucky there are people like you out in the world. A haven from the judgement and bitterness the world shovels out.


  2. I was in a relationship once where my Mistress let me know about Her desire to Cross dress me. She never did, but my cock still twitches any time i think about it. There it goes again.

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  4. Seeing men in women’s clothes doesn’t arouse me, but it doesn’t upset me either. It is always great to get an insight into other people’s kinks when they are so different to mine.

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  5. Thank you for sharing this. I too held that belief about men who liked to cross dress being gay. It’s a strange thought now that I know different.

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    1. It’s a whole new glorious world.

      Wish I had known long ago. I envy young Domme’s this and I’m not an envious person usually but also I’m so glad to have women in the fold and to be here too. Finally!!!

      So glad to share in the joy of it. ❤️


      1. Oh I hear you there. I too wish I had known about lots more when I was younger. In my case more so, had the courage to explore myself more when I was younger.

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