I get it.

Societies stigma against men playing together and not being seen as “gay”* is intense.

To hear from other men…several even… that they simply don’t trust men makes me shake my head.

I also get that.

Trust me that as a woman I really do get it. I suppose because I didn’t have much of a choice, being so heavily boy crazy, I put up with their behavior and didn’t give it too much thought. Always trying to steer as clear of idiots as I possibly can…not always entirely possible though unfortunately.

But to hear other men call their own gender: disgusting, pigs, violent, assholes; and actually really, deeply mean it shocks me and I’m not easily shocked.

Again, I get it though.

So when I tried to plan a small party, with a few men that have ALL expressed that they have played a bit or wanted to play with men and put myself in the mix I anticipated a good outcome. Initially I got yeses. Slowly that list started to dwindle because either they wanted me only to themselves or were scared to be in that dynamic. Scared of something they enjoy or want to enjoy. Scared of something I promised to orchestrate to everyone’s liking with me in charge.

Even when I took it down to a threesome it evaporated. Why? All of these men would gladly play with me and they have all expressed interest/experience in playing with other men. Baffles me. Just baffles me.

I guess I’m not the Domme I thought I was. Darn though. My little red room will be decommissioned this coming weekend.

Silly, silly boys.

Oh well! It’s worth considering that maybe I’m the idiot in this equation. Lol. I just wanted to have fun. Fun…people! Anyone remember what that is anymore? Jeesh!


(for any haters out there)

*gay is NOT a four letter word. Sorry. No one can convince me of it. Nope. Never. Just not happening….so move on to some other “issue”. I’m entitled to my fucking opinion….. as you are yours. See how gracious I am? 😝


Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

6 thoughts on “Cowards”

  1. As a sub, my commitment to my Domme in a Female Led Relationship is absolute. my desire to touch other cocks, suck them, feel them thrust in and out of my ass for the pleasure of my Mistress is irrelevant. She commands, i obey. Any act i engage in that pleases Mistress pleases me. Submission, devotion and obedience are my gifts to Her.
    There are no caveats.
    “i will please You Mistress but don’t ask me to suck a cock for You.” Nope. Doesn’t compute.
    “i’ll serve You in any way You desire Mistress but don’t ask me to…” Nope.
    “i love You Mistress, but…” Not words i will ever say to Her.
    Her limits are my limits. The primary purpose of my submission to Her is Her pleasure, whether performing any act is distasteful to me or not. The beauty of my submission to Her is that i get off when Mistress is pleased. If it’s eating another man’s cum at Her command, being fucked, pegged, used as an ashtray or any other pleasure Mistress indulges in, i want desperately to be central to it and the source of Her pleasure. That is what submission means to me.
    i’ll freely admit that i love sex. Whether the sex is with a man, with men, with a Woman or with Women, i love it. All of it.
    So for me, this a moot point.’
    I feel sorry for Dominant Women with a submissive who proclaims loyalty and obedience, setting his limits in direct opposition to the desires of the Mistress he claims to “serve”. He is missing the point of serving Her.
    If She is a Domme worthy of possessing an obedient submissive like me, i will have no fear and proudly join Her on Her journey. i know She will honor my gift of submission, lift me up and guide me on this wonderful journey with Her.

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  2. I get it. I have this repulsion about having another man touching me with his cock or mine being touched. Even if I was worked up and horny and it would happen, I would have regrets about it for as long as the memory was there.
    That said, my wife and I have fantasized about a three-way (after I had several dreams about it) where she was being fucked by another man as she was sucking on my balls. But these never have any M/M contact.
    As far as not following through, I can relate as well. In the past, at the height of excitement, I would confess I wanted to eat my cum from my wife. But after cumming I would never follow through. Some things sound sexy until the time comes to actually do it.

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    1. Yea. I gathered that too. I didn’t think I particularly prompted them to say that but maybe somehow I could have. In retrospect who knows. Not like it comes up with everyone. But anyway. At the same time I think a lot of people, myself included, are still trying to figure ourselves out. Ever evolving humans that we are….when we aren’t stagnant.

      I don’t really care honestly. I’m completely over it. Maybe when I have a full time partner I can try again. That party was definitely not a priority in life right now. Lol

      Thanks for the insight though. Helps to think about it again and see a different angle. I had kind of shoved it away and let it rest but further inspection was good. 😉

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      1. No problem… and I agree about ever evolving. I would have never imagined I would be doing so much to serve my wife (and loving it) -oh, and I have been eating my come lately as she now requires it 😉

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