A love story (fantasy for now)

From both Master and slave view.

The Master:

I left your clothes laid out for you.  I already saw to your haircut and shaving to my specifications yesterday.  You didn’t know why I had wanted this, but you complied happily, willingly (as per usual) and laughed with me about your new look.  You liked it, although it wasn’t something you would have normally sought for yourself.

The clothes are new.  They fit you perfectly; a beige button down shirt, dark blue trousers and matching sports coat.  Crisp black socks and freshly shined black loafers.  The cock cage came as a surprise.  I had not asked that of you yet, although we had discussed it multiple times already.

The note on the bed said:

Meet me at the Ambonnay Champagne Bar 6pm, sit at the bar if possible.  Order us both a flight and oysters and wait for me.

Your role tonight:

“Divorced business executive in town for an important meeting. You’ve just landed a multi-million dollar account earlier in the day and you want to celebrate.  Even though you have been divorced now for over a year the thought of giving your time and attention to another woman does not appeal to you.  Nor do all the women throwing themselves at your feet.  Sometimes you aren’t sure if it is the wealth or the power you exude, maybe it’s the charming smile that attracts them like flies, but either which way…you aren’t ready for it. It’s not what you truly want. Instead you accepted the card of what you were told was a beautiful escort that your new business partner provided you with.  The card had only a large luscious set of red lips with teeth biting down on the bottom lip set against complete blackness on one side and a website address on the other.  Had he not recommended her you may have thought it a joke of some kind.  You looked at the website. Her face was not shown, but her body was enticing and her verbiage was more so.   You were excited that she was available on short notice and a little anxious to meet her.  Only on a few other occasions had you contacted a prostitute, but she was not that.  This woman was a Domme.  You had specified to her that in public you wanted her to act demure.  You were not ready to show the world your docile, pliable, feminine side.  It ran against the persona you’ve spent decades cultivating, the image you’ve spent too much time and energy building and maintaining.  Tonight she was going to give you the relief you needed from that role, even if only for a few short hours.  You are wearing the pink lace women’s thongs you love to wear that no one knows about. They ride up and pinch you, reminding you with each shift that they are there and it turns you on immensely. You continue to wait patiently, wondering if she would even come.  She was already 30 minutes late.”

—–end of role.

Play this part for me my love and I will show you my deep appreciation tonight.  I hope you like the clothes.  I carefully curated this look for you and my plans tonight.  I am lusting for you.  I can not wait to see you bend this way for me.

That was the end of the note.

You look down at yourself in the clothes.  You are not comfortable.  You don’t mind playing but you like the world to see you in your slave attire.  You like for me to parade you around in your leash at the sex clubs and this is stretching you out of your comfort zone.  Still… you know better than to question it even for a moment and you grab your keys and head out the door.  You do as you are told and hold the demeanor of a business mogul.  You’ve had many years in the private sector yourself so it doesn’t come too hard.  You order the flights and oysters and wait.  Sure enough I do arrive 30 minutes late just as in the story and the playing begins.

The Slave:

You walk up to me with an air of pure sexual energy.  My cock responds and I feel my reminders presence.  I immediately notice the key hanging from your necklace.  The cute little key no one knows holds such power.  I know better than to break character.  I stand immediately and pull out your chair.  I put out my hand and pretend to just be meeting you for the first time.  You’re outfit I have never seen before.  Short burgundy skirt, too short to sit comfortably without showing far too much skin on your beautiful legs.  Black top that dives a bit low, but not low enough.  Fluffly white “come fuck me” jacket with burgundy flowered pumps at least 4 inches high.  You look divine.  Far too sexy; as if you could indeed be a high class prostitute.

Your make-up done to perfection, with your favorite long wig on; and it’s as if I had forgotten how truly breathtaking you were.  My heart beats hard and I gulp.  I wonder if tonight you will pleasure me or put me in pain and if I am honest with myself I know the answer is both and I’m not even sure anymore which I prefer.

You sit and we exchange small talk about the weather and bad timing on my part to visit the city.  Then after a few sips of your flight, you turn to me and tell me that you will be asking me questions to which you want complete honesty and not play.  I understand.  You enjoy the game within the games but you also need brutal honesty from me and this is your way to set the tone.  I am prepared.

The Master:

I ask you questions I’ve been wanting to ask.  Questions to help delve deeply into your childhood, deeper into your psyche.  You relax into the conversation forgetting we are here in specific roles.  So I try to throw you off your game.  I touch you, flirtatiously.  I let my top fall off my shoulders a bit and lean into you slowly as if desirous of a kiss and then back away swiftly.  I want to do more to you, but I want to stay within the game as well.   We talk and play like this for a few hours.  Me forcing you to hold firmly while I purr and move seductively around you like a tiny pussy cat needing to be pet.  I can see your lust building and I sense you having difficulties with the cage.  I reach down and give it a quick tug and you flinch.  You hadn’t expected that and it completely unsettles you.

I’ve been thinking of this for weeks now, planning it meticulously.  I’ve tortured you enough though. You have played well, stayed within character so beautifully and answered my questions with the utmost loving sincerity.

Now I am ready to devour you.  Before I left tonight I laid out all of the toys I planned for you.  First I will use the whip.  I want to leave your beautiful ass marked for a few days. I want to see the luscious welts build up under my touch. I want you to wince for a couple of days so that you know who owns you. Who is in charge.  So you feel with each spasm of pain my force over you.  So that it builds that longing to be under my control once again.

I will take you tonight. I will enjoy every inch of your body.  I will bind you, lay you merciless at my feet and torture and please you back and forth until your cries for mercy, your begging for release and supplications for more all meld together into a beautiful melody for me.  A melody I create.  Tonight, every night, for all of eternity….. you will be mine.

My love for you holds no bounds.  My adoration for you knows no limits.  You are mine.  Truly mine.  Body, heart, soul and I live for each breath of yours to be mine, as you exhale and call my name….. “Master”.

I know no limits with you.  My heart knows none but your love.  I need nothing else but you and tonight I will demonstrate that to you and give you the release you have been needing….under my control…always under my control…my beloved.




——Buzzkill—- don’t read. Warned. 😝


I think if you ask everyone on their death bed whom they loved the most (romantically) they would be able to answer unflinchingly. Everyone has their favorite. The one that stood out the most. The one they adored the best. This does not diminish the fact that they, most likely, loved others as well, right?

I find it funny that in this society we are told to only be with one person and then we pretend that we don’t have a place in our heart for any others. We pretend we aren’t attracted to other people anymore and that others don’t hold any allure. Like it’s a switch or something. It’s like telling me I can only love one child. It’s idiotic, is what is it.

Now hopefully you do love one person. Hopefully you are consumed with passion and lust for someone that reciprocates it and you both mutually appreciate and respect each other, handle each other’s hearts with care. In an ideal world this would be the case for everyone. In reality, there are so many possibilities and variations and “shades of beige” as a dear friend says.

Why limit the possibilities? I say just be honest, with yourself first and then with the person(s) you are involved with and from that point on….you just do you Boo.

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew myself...here that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

6 thoughts on “A love story (fantasy for now)”

    1. Yes. I agree. Unfortunately.

      At this point though in my life….I won’t settle for less.

      I’d rather die alone than not leave the door open to experience that which I know in my heart exists. That which I’ve waited my entire life for.


  1. Very nice points of views of your fantasy.. I hope for you that you can turn fantasy into reality.. Nothing more Heavenly to match each other till such an intense point of faith to each other.

    “I find it funny that in this society we are told to only be with one person and then we pretend that we don’t have a place in our heart for any others. We pretend we aren’t attracted to other people anymore and that others don’t hold any allure. Like it’s a switch or something. It’s like telling me I can only love one child. It’s idiotic, is what is it.”

    Try selling this to 98% of the population..
    Completely agree with you here.. 🙂

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