Cross Dressing

Today I spent part of the day texting Paul/Paula. He is a guy I met on Fetlife. He lives nowhere near me which I considered a boon. He seemed real and vulnerable and open. All qualities I adore.

He sent me picture upon picture of him dressed as a woman and being pegged and having a red, raw ass from being punished. It was all rather enthralling. I’ve never been with a man who cross dressed…that I’m aware of. That would add a whole new dimension to sex. One that had honestly never crossed my mind. He is straight or cis or only fucks women (however you want to call it).

He is a very attractive woman with a very nice ass and wigs I would love to borrow. He sent me a picture of his ex wearing a strap-on and she was grabbing her “dick” as a man would; as if she owned it and was about ready to do something meaningful with it. It was hot. So hot!!! Like salivatingly hot!! And I realize how much I miss sex and specifically “deviant” sex and I pictured the last man I pegged beneath me and couldn’t help but ache a little.

So Paul/Paula says to me to get some. I could. Maybe I should…but I won’t. It’s the cart before the horse thing. I want love. However, I also want to delve into this Domme thing a bit more seriously. So I will check out a few dominant munches and buy a few books, maybe even entertain a submissive for practice as needed. Maybe…maybe. It’s food for thought and today I’ve had a lot of thought.

Kiss, kiss, bang, bang. ⛓💋⛓💋

Author: porngirl3

I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Maybe because I have always been on the quiet and reclusive side; which most people may not guess at first glance or if seeing me in a social setting, especially around people I am comfortable with but it’s also not something I have an issue with. I need solitude to recharge. Writing gives me the peace and time to renew that is offered to you for your enjoyment and pleasure as well. I hope. Lol

3 thoughts on “Cross Dressing”

  1. Thank you for sharing. This post really made me smile. It is rare for women to be open to this and even rarer to see it as something appealing. I can tell you right off that you would have no shortage of potential suitors. 🙂

    One aspect of my submission involves feminization. It is a part that I have mostly hidden or in the case of my blogs, I actually split this topic onto a separate blog for fear of people avoiding me (which has happened quite frequently in the past). It is a good feeling to find someone writing about this in a positive light.

    Take care.

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    1. Hmmmm. Interesting. I didn’t know there was a negative connotation to it.

      I suppose it was naive of me to think that fellow deviants were more accepting of each other. I can see “normal” maybe not being able to accept it, but even then.

      It is absolutely bizarre to me that women can wear whatever they want, including dildo’s (for goodness sakes) and be accepted and yet men can’t. Boggles my mind. Truly!

      And it surprises me that you had to tailor yourself for your audience. I write for myself primarily so I don’t feel that encumbered. Even that said I do have a blog that is spiritual (believe it or not) and I do keep these separate for obvious reasons. Mostly simply because they are completely different audiences. Is that the same case for this topic?

      Paul/Paula is a very hot woman but even if he weren’t so what. He should be able to express his femininity and sexual feelings any way he likes. I only ever draw the line at age and consent. Those are my only two hard limits as far as being an advocate for freedom of sexuality.

      I actually do find Paul very sexy and I am not opposed to the idea of trying it out but if I never do then I don’t. Life is full of so many possibilities. Right? This is why I almost never say never. Lol

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      1. Femdom D/s is really a Domme’s market because there are so few of them. My estimates are something like a 500:1 to 2000:1 ratio on average of available male sub to available female dominant. During the times when I have found myself single I have looked but I still try to keep up on what is the popular style of ideal sub that is the current flavor.

        When it comes to any type of cross-dressing of feminization, the vast majority is against it. While it may vary from “you are an abomination” to “not interested in someone who’s into that,” so few who have those feelings are willing to talk about it, learn more about it, etc.

        I often wondered why the kink community isn’t more accepting across the board. I think in a lot of cases people struggle to accept their kinky selves and create exclusionary boundaries to keep themselves feeling as normal as possible. There are a number of movements out there now that try to downplay any kind of kink in D/s. That sort of sucks the fun out in a lot of ways 🙂

        Women do have a lot of freedoms in both kink and clothing. In public society, it is easier for a man to be gay, bi, or transgender than it is to be submissive or a cross-dresser. There is a perception of submissive men as being weak.

        As for my blog split, I wrote on Blogger for the first 5-6 years of my blogging “career.” Originally I was trying to make sense of myself as a submissive and my lifestyle experiences had been pretty heavy on the feminization end of things. Instead of hating myself, I attempted to just accept the label of “sissy” and blog about it. Once I found the root of it all, I pretty much started only writing about more general Femdom and D/s concepts. What I found was that my reader audience ended up being pretty much only Dommes and sissies. Regular submissive men, submissive women, and anti-feminization Dommes treated me quite badly in a “your kind isn’t welcome here” sort of way.

        Since coming over to WordPress I went with a more generic theme and title and I now have double the followers that I did on Blogger and it is a complete mix of Dommes, male subs, female subs, switches of both genders, male doms, pros, etc. My other WordPress blog that houses my more fetish-heavy content has 217 fewer followers, but I do not post there as much. What this showed me is that people do judge a book by its cover if the author is a submissive male. If you would like to see my old blog:

        What makes feminization culture so interesting is that there are like 10-12 distinct versions of what are grouped together as “sissies.” Those who are heterosexual and/or still gender identify as male tend to be in the minority. There are a lot of stereotypes and most people just lump everyone together because they have no interest in understanding the differences.

        I should note that once blogging helped me figure myself out, I have treated blogging more like a world of message boards. It is a way for me to interact with others, discuss thoughts, ideas, feelings, and get to know people.

        I like the way that you look at things 🙂

        Take care.


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