The options aren’t alone or in bad company. The only option should be surrounded by people you love that love you. Life would be so much easier if we all just took it back to the basics and expressed gratitude for those things and realized all the rest while nice and fine and fun is just extra.

The options aren’t sick or burning it on all ends. The only option should be thriving in health and emotional well-being. Doing whatever you want whenever you want is well and fine if you have really good (healthy) habits and great genetics to begin with. So many of us have limited mind/body connections and that relationship is absolutely vital to our lives.

The options aren’t having it all or being miserably discontent. The only option should be appreciating where you are in the world and the lessons that presents. Circumstances change, people change, lives change. If you are always chasing the next carrot you will never stop to fully enjoy the ones you have.

There are no greater gifts in life than love, happiness, laughter, compassion and kindredness.

I always come back to gratitude and humility, because it is the straightest shot to the above. But hey…… you do you, right? I’d rather hang out with an authentic and honest asshole than a fake and disingenuous nice person. But again…..not that those are the only two options. Anyone can speak from the heart. I highly recommend it. It’s the best way to get to know yourself.

Sometimes it’s not what I want….

that’s the most important thing. It’s what I don’t want.*


I’m moderately horny but not enough to pursue any options. Chocolate isn’t cutting it anymore though.

Monday yoga. No doubt. That’ll burn off the energy a bit.


I have so much work to do this weekend. Between studio clients, eBay clients and falling way behind on the psychic bootcamp drills; then add in the 3 kidlets and OMG. Craziness.

Who needs time to breath?

Speaking of….I heard of a breathing relaxation technique to help fall asleep. I’m going to try it out in exactly 15 minutes. It goes like this.
Close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a mental count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale completely through your mouth to a count of eight.

That’s it. Suppose to work amazingly. We shall see. I love tricks and tools. I use them as much as possible. Plays well into my systematic laziness; or as I like to call it now; strategical engineering. 😉

Sweet dreams. 💋


*I recognize this isn’t “the way” of the enlightenment era, but you gotta clear out the bad sometimes to make room for the good and you have to figure out what parts are bad or not conducive to your well-being to begin with. Right? Gotta start somewhere. I pick right here.


My first introduction to my own personal brand of clairaudience* was with Louise Hay. Frankly, I didn’t care for her**. She recorded the audio of our session on a cassette tape. I was left very confused and distressed by some things she said to me during our session. I’ve mentioned them before.

She told me I would marry a man that was completely sober. She said my daughter would be my right hand while I did talks and speeches. She said that I would help many people.

I don’t remember if I emailed or called her. I knew her background. I trusted that she knew what she was talking about but I told her with no uncertainty that I was not up to that task. Her reply completely unsettled me. She said “please go back and listen to the tapes, I did not say this to you”. To say I was completely shaken by this is an understatement. I know as well as I know my own name that I heard her words very clearly.

I didn’t listen to the tape. In fact years later when I threw it away I knew I was doing myself a huge disservice. But I simply could not explain why what I heard and what she said didn’t match. This has happened to me at least 2 more times that I an aware of; but each time it happens with complete strangers.

I’ve had instances of dejavu plenty of times with clear audio and visual. I can even pinpoint when I had the visions usually. It is always years before, but these cases were not that.


Today I tried something I’ve never done well before based on the suggestion of another healer. See…I’m an A type personality struggling with sluggishness. My mind wants to “go, go, go” and my body is like “hold up, settle down”. My meditations and prayers are active. Lisa (Cruise of Oneness) calms her mind to nothingness which if you’ve ever tried it is hard as fuck. But I was like ok. Let’s do this.

***I tried it this morning. I used my breath to help and at each deep exhale I literally made the shhhhhhhh sound. I could only get clarity for mere seconds at a time. But I kept trying and in that brief time, maybe 5 minutes total I was able to have a huge breakthrough. These migraines. These headaches I’ve had since being a teenager have been my powers trying to come through and me stiffling them.

That is where my visions come from, from that exact same location. It explains why in yoga I get them. I am very centered and calm there and I’ve been doing the huge error trying to get rid of them instead of allowing whatever wants to come through in. In my defense I didn’t know better.

I’m still scared. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t. But…..this is all good. This is all for my benefit and maybe hopefully to help others as well.

I just have to keep moving forward….living my truth….wacky as it is….it’s mine and I’m finally…FINALLY….owning it.

Alright….fear or not….here I am.


God help me!

God bless you all as well! 😇



*I recognize this is not real clairaudio, but I don’t have the right word for it.

**Yes I know, blasphemy. This is not to say I don’t like most of her publications. I even have her digestive health mantra in my studio. Just at that time in her life she seemed very driven by money, but what do I know. We’re talking 25 years ago here. We all gotta eat. I get it. She built an empire based on helping people. I can not baulk at that.

***I had done it before, most notably at the Buddhist retreat and while I found it mildly enjoyable I didn’t feel I got much from it. I’m not sure why honestly. So I never was inspired to keep doing it that way, when active prayer and meditation work so well for me and my personality. But


Faith and Despair went out for a drink. They knew each other well and always got into lively debates which they both loved. Despair was in a mood though and no matter what Faith said he came after her with teeth bared. It amused Faith to see how riled up Despair would get, but she could sense he was not coming down from this ride anytime soon.

She simply sat calmly, quietly, and let Despair paint her into a corner. He yelled. He cursed. He threw a chair out of his way and punched at the air. Faith simply sat there nursing her beer wondering what the next song on the juke would be. She was hoping it was maybe a bit more upbeat. Maybe she could dance to it.

Despair pounded another shot he didn’t need at the bar and was preparing to come for more of Faith. But before he could reach her, she stood up…..grounded her legs firmly into the floor and spread her wings; flapping them quickly and forcefully. The span of her wings, the brightness shining from their blue sparkles, the cool breeze that engulfed everything and everyone settled a joyous peacefulness on the entire bar.

The jukebox could slowly be heard as Faith calmed the flutter of her wings and folded them away. She knew this song. She laughed and swayed to the beat. Several patrons joined her on the floor.

Despair sulked into his cocktail and shed a tear no one saw as it evaporated on his hot skin. Faith had won this battle……but he knew this match would come again.

Words, words and more words & tight sphincters

Does love work in extremes? I venture to say probably not, but maybe so. Lol. Just depends on the two people involved. My last boyfriend never told me he loved me. Brad told me all day long, every day. Neither was exactly satisfying.

I like words, but I also want to be shown through actions I am loved. I want to be bombarded with so many demonstrations of love that I’m thrown into the unfortunate position of being an ungrateful bitch*. That’s how much love I want. I want to be completely overwhelmed. Words are nice. Words are great. I use them all the time, but they need to be just the lettering on the cake that is a 5 tiered decadence of over the top displays of love. Words are simply not enough.


I’ve had a few clients over the last few weeks that seem to maybe have tight sphincter issues. Now. This is not necessarily a difficult problem. Sphincter exercises can be quite enjoyable. Start with a pinkie and move up to larger and larger and larger diameters to allow the muscles to feel comfortable stretched out. Reconditioning them to expand and contract as they normally should and would given the chance.

These people seem to be of the same ilk too; of a very regimented and pragmatic sort. Which is all well and fine; but the correlation seems funny to me. Like they are holding on so tight to life; to maintain control that it literally tightens their ass muscles. Gives a whole new meaning to “puckered ass”. Lol

I was so close today to mentioning it, but since I don’t do physical exams and I am not a doctor there are limits even for unfiltered me. I stopped myself before I asked my client if they happen to like anal. The topic has come up before, not started by me ever though, and I want to keep it that way. I’m not a physical therapist. I’m not a psychologist. I’m just a girl that washes people’s asses out and tries to help them sort out why they got to me to begin with (when needed).

Some people are easy. Some people are not so much. But I truly do appreciate them all; whatever their dilemmas are. We are all complicated creatures in our own right; each and every one of us…..


*No. I’m JK. I hope I can be ever humble, gracious and grateful of course. 😉

Mentors for everyone and everything

If someone had told me when I was young how truly important mentors where and how they can significantly help your success in life and provide the extra support we all need….my life could have been completely different.

I just called my mentor about an issue I was having. Until I started to panic and realize I needed help beyond my own brainpower it hadn’t occurred to me to reach out to her. In the midst of her own life she stops everything to make sure I feel heard, understood and more importantly even, to make sure I knew she cared and was going to help. OMG the relief I felt made my entire day better. Just to know… “Hey, you are not in this alone”. Pure reverie.

We should all have easy and plentiful access to mentors our entire life; not just for business. We should have parenting, lifestyle, marriage, self-esteem, happiness, goal oriented, on and on…… We should have a list of mentors to be able to call on.

Ideally people have friends and family for this but in a world that seems more isolated than ever I think people to help outside our general sphere is a good idea. Everyone needs to feel of use and everyone needs someone to help in areas we lack knowledge, experience, perspective or just want help with. Everything useful I have learned in life has been from a combination of experts and peers.

Absolutely everyone has something to teach. I think it was just on the cover of O magazine how “everyone has something they could teach you that will completely change your life”. I firmly believe that’s true.

I love to teach and I love to learn and I love to explore and help people and share in that knowing. Life is too short to not share.

I wonder if there is a mentor app? That would be so cool. There probably is. It would involve a commitment of course, something a lot of people bawk at, but you can’t get something from nothing. From my own experiences trying to help people, the feelings and lessons learned as a “teacher” are plentiful and meaningful and absolutely worthwhile….to know beyond a doubt that you helped someone; that you made their life better, even for just a moment is an absolutely priceless feeling. It truly is.